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Breaking Down Plantation Shutter Costs in Miami

November 21, 2016

There are several reasons why Miami homeowners choose plantation shutters. Their gorgeous looks, peerless energy efficiency, and effective light control are all benefits of choosing shutters for your windows. But if you’re planning a home addition, you should keep final costs in mind. “How much will plantation shutters cost?” is a question we field often during a conversation.

Since each Miami home is one of a kind and there are so many shutter options to choose from, it’s difficult to give a definite answer to that question if a project isn’t fully appraised, and if a shutter company tells you an upfront price without inquiring about your individual needs and wants, you might not get the right product.

If you’re aware of the factors that can have an effect on the price of your shutter project, you can get a decent approximation of your final cost. Let’s examine those variables.

What Impacts Plantation Shutter Prices?

Because all Sunburst plantation shutters are custom-made for your windows, the price will differ according to your home’s specific needs. Here are a few factors that can have an effect on the price of your shutters.

Hardwood shutters in Miami living room.

The Material Of Your Plantation Shutters

Our four types of plantation shutters are all composed of different materials. Polywood® plantation shutters and our new Studio™ shutters are made from a faux-wood compound, Ovation® wood shutters are made from real hardwood, and Reclaimed Wood shutters are built from recycled lumber.

Among our shutters, Studio shutters are usually the most cost-effective, as they are designed specifically to be the best marriage of value and convenience. Polywood plantation shutters are another budget-friendly choice, since Polywood is 100% American-made, removing costs of gathering and transporting natural lumber.

The Measurements of Your Windows

For the most part, plantation shutters are priced on a square-footage basis, so naturally larger window shutters will come with a higher price tag than smaller window shutters. Knowing the approximate height and length of your windows may let you create an initial estimate, but don’t concern yourself too much with measuring as our crew will get a precise measure for you during your free in-home consultation.

Miami arched and rectangular prices vary. 
Uniquely-shaped or specialty windows can also add to the cost compared to standard square or rectangular windows, since they take extra time and work to match the exact size and angles of your window. Specialty windows may also require extra work from the installer depending on your pre-existing frame and wall.

There exist a couple of other variables that might impact your shutter cost such as the style of your frame, the finish, or additional details like hidden tilt rods.

The lesson here is that there are so many qualities that can impact the price that asking “what do shutters cost?” may be doing yourself an injustice by obscuring the whole picture.

Plantation Shutters - Perks Worth Investing In

When compared to different window coverings you can get in Miami, it’s a fact that plantation shutters may require you to budget a little more. Though if you consider the numerous perks that only plantation shutters provide, the investment becomes remarkably attractive.

Energy Efficiency - Plantation shutters are the only window treatment to offer top of the line energy efficiency and insulating properties. Polywood shutters specifically can block up to half of the heat transfer from your windows, whereas other window coverings can’t even come near that degree of insulation. That means money saved on your home utility bills over time.

Resilience - What’s the typical lifespan of a drapery or a set of blinds? A few years, perhaps longer, if you’re fortunate. Each time you have to replace a cheap window treatment is extra money out of your wallet and extra time taken out of your life. But when you install plantation shutters, you know that you’re choosing a window treatment that will last a lifetime. We even guarantee it.

Home Value - Homebuyers are smart people, and they know the value of plantation shutters. That’s why, just like brand-new appliances or gorgeous hardwood floors, plantation shutters can increase home resale value.

Aesthetics - Perhaps more than any other reason, people choose shutters because they just look better. No other window covering comes close to offering the same timeless aesthetic or the particular look and sleek elegance as shutters.

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