How to Block Light From your Miami Windows

David White

There are several reasons you may want to control the light coming from your windows in Miami. Whether it’s from ambient street light, cars constantly driving down your street, or regular sunlight, blacking out the light from your windows is important for relaxing and getting quality sleep.

Miami blackout shutters bedroom

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For those looking to get better sleep, Sunburst is here to help Miami homeowners control the light.

Which Window Coverings Block Light The Best?

A good amount of Miami window treatments claim to darken a room for better sleep, and you can basically divide them into three categories: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Take a look.

Light Controlling Window Treatments – The Good

The best window treatments to darken your windows should do a few things:

  • Effectively block light from coming in.

  • Operate easily depending on your needs throughout the day.

  • Look great.

The window covering that hits all these marks is Miami plantation shutters. When the louvers are closed, shutters form an almost complete seal on your windows, blocking almost all the light. Sunburst Polywood shutters even have built-in weatherstripping that covers the gaps along the frame, blocking even more light. And unlike vinyl shutters, Polywood is guaranteed to warp or bend, which can result in gaps in between the louvers and frame.

Miami bedroom with light block shutters

And unlike some chintzy DIY blackout solutions, shutters look beautiful in any space. Instead of looking like a piece of hardware, they’re as pretty as they are functional.

A second option for the “good” category is room-darkening roller shades. These are made with thick and dense material to keep out most light, and extend beyond your window opening. There can be some miniscule gaps around the edges of the shade where light might peak into the room. But for something other than shutters, room darkening shades make a pretty good option.

Light Controlling Window Treatments – The Bad

In this category are window treatments that don’t quite go the distance when it comes to blocking out light. Any type of fabric window treatment, from curtains to drapes, can let some light in unless they’re both very dense and extend beyond the edges of your window.

Miami blackout shades bedroom
Even heavy-duty blinds don’t do quite so well, because the slats on blinds are always going to let slivers of light in. That means you’re going to get light, even if it’s at a very slight angle.

Light Controlling Window Treatments – The Ugly

Search for “Miami window blackouts” in Google and you’ll probably find some DIY sheets that you hang in your window to block light. Most of them are customizable to your window size and shape, and adhere to the window frame with velcro or another adhesive. And for the most part, they work fairly well.

But the issues with those products are twofold. First off, they don’t look great. Most of these products give up style for function. So if you put in of these blackout sheets, do it in a spot that you don’t mind looking dull.

blackout curtain ugly

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Second, for being easy to install, you’d better hope that you don’t have to remove and put them back up much. The adhesive or velcro that attach them to the wall can wear off fairly quickly, meaning another purchase and another installation – both of which can grow old quick.

Let Sunburst Shutters Miami Help You Black Out Your Windows Better

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