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The Right Way To Clean Your Interior Shutters

October 16, 2015
Our Guide for Miami Residents on How to Clean Shutters

Whether you’re doing your spring cleaning or just tidying up before a party, cleaning your Miami shutters is something that you need to do, and do right. If it’s not, you might risk lasting stains, discoloring, or damage to the shutter.

What’s the best way to clean shutters? It depends on the type of shutters you have in your Miami home.

Cleaning Faux Wood ShuttersCleaning Wood Shutters

Cleaning Faux Wood Shutters  

To see how Denise Cooper of Be My Guest with Denise cleans her Polywood shutters, watch this video. 
Cleaning your Miami faux wood shutters such as Polywood® is slightly different than wood shutters. In most cases, there’s no wood stain that you need to be careful not to damage, and faux wood is harder to scratch or damage.

Here’s what you’ll need to clean faux wood shutters:

  • A dusting cloth preferably microfiber)

  • A slightly damp cloth

Using a dusting cloth, wipe over each part of your shutters to remove any dust or dirt. For bigger smudges or messes, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe them down. Like with real wood shutters, stay away from any chemical agents or any abrasive cleaners.

A slightly wet cloth is ok to use to clean the entire shutter, but it’s always good to dry the shutter afterwards. 

Cleaning Real Wood Shutters

How To Clean Wood Shutters In Miami, FL

When you clean real wood shutters, try to take special care not to do anything that could damage the finish or expose the wood to moisture.

Here’s what you’ll need to clean:

  • A dust cloth (microfiber preferred)

  • A soft, dry cloth

If you’re dusting your wood shutters, all you’ll need to do is give the frame and louvers a quick wipe-down with a microfiber dust cloth.

For deeper cleaning, first wipe down with a dry cloth. You typically don’t want to use a damp cloth unless you have to, and even then, the dryer the cloth, the better. Only do this for the affected area – don’t wipe down the entire frame with a damp cloth. If you’re using a wet cloth, always follow with a dry cloth. Also, don’t ever use an abrasive chemical agent, or you could risk damaging the wood finish. 

For more cleaning tips, contact us by calling 305-520-7515.

Note: These steps were specifically made for products built by Sunburst shutters. For ways to clean shutters from a different manufacturer, contact your shutter dealer.