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Miami Bay Windows Deserve Stunning Window Treatments

September 21, 2016

Unique window types are usually the most visually appealing qualities of houses in Miami - and one of the most attention-drawing kinds of these unique windows are bay windows. Whether from inside the home or outside, bay windows offer a sense of coziness and fashion simultaneously - that is, if they’re combined with the right window covering.

But how does a homeowner know which window covering to choose? Just like other specialty windows, bay windows have individual features to take into account. Sunburst Shutters Miami will guide you through the checklist for bay window treatments, as well as offer our suggestions for the best choices for your Miami bay windows.

Plantation shutters in a modern bedroom bay window. 

Priorities For Bay Window Treatments

  • Accentuate your bay window - A poorly-chosen, boring window treatment may hide the style of a bay window. Choose instead a treatment that accentuates your bay window’s eye-catching shape.

  • Control your light and temperature levels - Bay windows can let in a lot of heat and light from outside. Select a window treatment that keeps your home comfy and allows for climate control.

  • Visibility - Just as a window treatment should enhance a bay window’s geometry, it should also let you control how much you can see out your home, and how clearly others are able to see in.

The Worst Choices For Bay Window Treatments

  • Aluminum blinds - Blinds have a tendency to diminish the beauty of uniquely-shaped windows, which can make them seem rather generic or cheap. They also underperform in controlling light levels as well as in their energy-efficiency.

  • Draperies - As with blinds, drapes hurt the charm of bay windows by covering up their unique shape, which is one of their primary appeals. Control over brightness can also be a zero sum game when choosing drapes.

  • Nothing - A few homeowners believe they should keep a bay window uncovered. The lone advantage of no window treatment is an increase in visibility, but it decreases your energy efficiency and light control, and will let outsiders get an easy view inside the home at all times.

Recommendations For Miami Bay Windows

Cellular Shades for Bay Windows

Adjustable cellular shades in lounge bow window. 

Stylish, wallet-friendly, and simple to operate, cellular shades are a great partner for bay windows. The reason why they work so well on bay windows is the amount of freedom cellular shades offer you. These shades can be purchased in a range of cell sizes, all the way from 7/16” to 9/16” to 3/4” and feature a top-down, bottom-up system that lets you lower the shade from the top or raise it from the bottom, meaning you can get a great view while allowing for control of light levels.

Our cellular shades also come in a range of transparencies, from sheer to completely opaque, so a lack of privacy is not a worry. In addition, unlike other shade types, cellular shades don’t bulk up at the top or at the side of your window when drawn, because they collapse so easily. That means you can maintain the beautiful look of your bay windows even when the shades aren’t being used.

Bay Window Plantation Shutters

Half-length plantation shutters in den bay window.

Similar to cellular shades, plantation shutters can give Miami homeowners the ability to show off their bay windows’ geometry while enjoying the benefits of a customized window treatment. Plantation shutters outperform cellular shades though, by giving you even higher levels of light and visibility control with their moveable louvers. And because they’re custom-made for your windows, you can benefit from even more freedom in how you accentuate their looks with full-length or half-length shutters.

Due to the fact that bay windows are typically some of the largest windows in your house, Polywood® plantation shutters’ energy efficiency is a big allure. Polywood shutters can stop close to 30 degrees of air flow in your house if used correctly, meaning that comfort for your house is just a tilt away.

For that timeless wood plantation shutter look, Sunburst Ovation® shutters exceed all of the competition, having the distinction of being the only 5-star rated wood shutter available. Ovation shutters are also able to complement the wood frame around your bay windows.

Let Your Bay Windows Shine, Miami!

You’re doing your house a disservice if you aren’t getting a huge visual impact from your bay windows. Let Sunburst Shutters Miami help your windows go the distance with our professional expertise. Get in touch with the Sunburst Shutters Miami team today by calling 305-520-7515 to schedule a free in-home window treatment consultation. We’ll work around your schedule and have product samples brought right to your home!