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Skylight shutters

Skylight Window Treatments for Miami Homes

October 22, 2018

What Miami homeowner doesn’t love the feeling of sunlight pouring in from their skylight windows? Skylights give a special something to your house that other types of windows can’t provide.

Be sure to outfit your skylights with window treatments made for specialty windows. We recommend choosing skylight shutters or skylight window shades.

Skylight Shutters in Miami

Miami plantation shutters are a fantastic choice for skylight windows. Interior shutters bring both form and function like no other window covering for skylights can. Take a look at the benefits shutters offer:

  • Crisp, graceful style - Take it from us–gaudy, complicated window treatments don’t belong with skylights. With shutters, you can have your pick from a variety of natural wood tones and neutral stains, the kind of materials that seamlessly blend into your windows and trim. Plantation shutters have a timeless style that gives your skylights a touch of elegance.

  • Minimal maintenance - Most people with skylight shutters keep the louvers tilted slightly open throughout the day, and so they never have to worry about adjusting them. But if you need to adjust them, you can easily do so by using a reach pole that we’ll give to you for free!

  • Temperature and light control - Skylights receive more light than other types of windows, so controlling the amount of light the room gets is a big benefit. You can adjust plantation shutters to any angle you want, from fully open to complete darkness. Polywood® shutters also block heat better than other window treatments on the market.

Skylight Shades for Miami

Shutters aren’t the only window treatment for skylight windows. We also love to see custom shades in Miami skylights.

  • Minimal hassle - Don’t worry about the trouble of pulling cords and the eyesore of dangling cords with motorized shades. When your shades are on a track system, they’ll stay angled with your windows. And if your skylights are low enough to reach, opt for top-down/bottom-up roller shades to adjust by hand.

  • Choose your thickness - There are many styles for skylight shades, from thin sheer shades that let in lots of light to blackout shades that offer privacy.

  • Almost unlimited color and style options - Skylight shades are offered in a huge color palette, with lots of fabrics to match your style, as well as accent and hardware options to fit your needs.

  • Get light, but not too much light - Shades help you block the harshest light coming through your skylight windows while still letting some in.

Outfit Your Skylight Windows with Sunburst Shutters Miami

Would you like to know how skylight shutters or shades would look in your home? Receive a free in-home estimate and demo by calling 305-520-7515 today – or by filling out the form below. Even if you’re thinking about other window treatment options for your skylights, Sunburst can help!