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Corner of a cozy nursery with a baby and a mom. White Polywood shutters in the corner window.

The Best Nursery Window Treatment Ideas In Miami

September 22, 2022

If you’re expecting a child in Miami, your goal is to have every detail of your little one’s nursery just right -- including the window treatments. But prior to picking any window treatment, don’t forget that functionality and safety are important. Babies are able to pull down curtains or get caught in the pull cords of blinds. These coverings aren’t able to stop light and drafting for good sleep either. Alternatively, install safe, efficient plantation shutters or cellular shades as window treatments for your nursery in Miami.

Interior Shutters Will Keep Your Nursery Stylish, Safe, And Cozy

White Polywood shutters in a large nursery bedroom.

Plantation shutters may not be at the top of your list of nursery window treatment ideas in Miami, but they ought to be! These time-tested window treatments look incredible in every room. Their solid panels offer an eye-catching complement to the soft furnishings usually associated with a baby nursery. You can use white faux wood Polywood® shutters in nurseries with vivid or pastel color choices. Stained hardwood shutters may be a better option if your nursery consists of nature-inspired components or you would like to match the present wood finishings. And if you modify the style as your loved one gets bigger, your shutters will still coordinate with the area’s new feel.

Louvered shutters feature a unique composition that makes them ideal for little ones’ bedrooms. In lieu of hanging drapes or corded options for a child to yank on or get ensnared by, plantation shutters have solid panels with rows of louvers set in a frame around the window. They even wipe off easily whenever they inevitably get smudges from small fingers.

Shutter louvers and panels give you many methods for directing natural light and privacy in your child’s space as well. Swing back the panels for a sun-filled spot to play or secure them and rotate the louvers out to allow partial sunshine and redirect it off the place where your precious one is playing. Then secure everything to keep out virtually all outside light for naps and bedtime.

Shut louvered shutters keep out heat loss as well. Air can’t get past natural wood and faux wood like it will through cloth window treatments. And exceptional Ovation® and Polywood shutters use first-rate manufacturing techniques to minimize gaps where air could slide through. Polywood shutters also feature the best in weather protection that causes them to be the most energy-efficient nursery window treatments in Miami and makes sure your space is always at a consistent temperature for a pleasant slumber.

Cellular Shades Lend Energy Efficiency and Adaptability To Nursery Windows

Blackout gray cellular shades in two windows. Displayed inside a baby room. 
In the event you would rather a softer option for your nursery window treatments, try cellular window shades. These window shades are offered in various materials, colors, and patterns for you to select from. You’ll even find different types such as top-down/bottom-up shades that provide extra adaptability with sunshine and privacy or cord-free shades that your baby won’t become tangled in.

The greatest advantage of cellular shades is their ability to save energy. Their composition features little compartments that confine air entering through your windows before it invades the nursery. They aid in keeping the area at a pleasant temperature and energy bills down.

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