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White Polywood shutters in a white bedroom.

The Best Window Treatments For Window Condensation In Miami

October 18, 2021

When damp air inside your Miami home collides into a cold window pane, the moisture becomes water condensation on the panes and nearby surfaces. Wood or cloth window treatments can easily risk deterioration from that condensation which may grow mold. That’s why stylish Polywood® plantation shutters are the superior window treatments for negating window condensation in Miami. Their one-of-a-kind materials and build make them highly energy efficient and immune to water damage in comparison to alternative window treatments.

Polywood Plantation Shutters Withstand Water Damage

White Polywood shutters above a kitchen sink. 

If you hang wood or cloth window treatments on a window liable to condensation, that condensation seeps into these materials and causes the fibers to enlarge. Over time, they diminish and crumble. Frail fabric rends to the touch, and wood will distort and crack. Before you know it, you have to replace your window treatments.

Faux-wood Polywood shutters may be the best window treatments for window condensation in Miami as they appear beautiful and resist water. While they seem like louvered wood shutters, their patented synthetic materials are far more durable. They will not suck in moisture like wood will, so your Polywood shutters never warp or fray. Their thick paint finish repels cracking from water damage too. Even in a muggy bathroom or kitchen, you can trust your Polywood shutters to last longer than any other types of window treatment and maintain their beauty. These treatments are the fool-proof window treatment option - saving you money while looking timeless for for decades.

Polywood Shutters Ward Off Mold

 White Polywood shutters above a soaking tub.

Mold spores love moist settings like your basement and bathrooms. Should they plant on windows with moisture, they stick onto any natural or fabric materials commonly used and spread. It can be challenging to clean mold and mold stains from window treatments built from these materials. Should you miss a single spore, the mold will come back quickly.

Polywood shutters are the best window treatments for window condensation in Miami because their faux wood doesn’t house mold like wood and cloth are likely to do. Mold spores can’t eat away at faux wood in contrast to how they do on real wood or cloth. You’ll also have a simpler time performing routine upkeep so that mold won’t land in the muck that collects on damp surfaces. Polywood shutters only need a quick pass from a cleaning cloth to wash them.

Polywood Shutters Insulate Your Windows To Prevent Condensation

White Polywood shutters in an office living room setting. 

Polywood shutters not only deter concerns such as water damage and mold spores. The panels also insulate your glass to stop condensation before it starts. Create a aura of protection for your complete house by closing the shutters, erecting a barrier keeping warm air in and cold air out.. Their patented weatherstripping blocks up to 30 degrees of exterior temperatures. This stunts the temperature transfer that causes condensation to happen. With little to no condensation, you’ll stress less about water build-up and mold on your panes and take in the other perks of more energy-efficient windows, like a comfortable inside temperature and reduced energy expenses.

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