What Are The Most Preferred Front Door Window Treatments For Miami?

David White

When covering a entryway window, you don’t want something that moves when you open the door or conceals unusual shaped windows like blinds and shades do. You require something that covers your front door windows for privacy and light control and reveals their shape. That leaves versatile plantation shutters as your top option for front door window treatments in Miami. They suit all windows to provide the coverage and beauty you want in your entryway.

Plantation shutters in a Miami living room

Plantation Shutters Provide Full Coverage On Front Door Windows

You’ll often see shades and blinds on doors, but they aren’t the favorite front door window treatments for Miami homeowners who look to control privacy and illumination in their entryways. They flap at the smallest motion, giving a look into the inside of your home even after the door shuts.

If you don’t like your window treatments flapping against the door, interior shutters are your best option. They fasten to the window frame and each panel remains in place. They will not bump the doorknob or get strings trapped in the door.

Of course, you can adjust the louvers to bring in privacy and natural light. Shut them to shield your home from prying passersby and UV rays or open them for partial light. If you wish for direct sunlight, you can swing open the shutter panel and let it flood in. When someone rings your doorbell, crack open your shutter louvers to peek outside and see who it is.

Plantation shutters on a front door

Interior Shutters Provide Tricky Sidelight Windows With A Custom Look

Sidelights are the slim windows alongside of a door. They give your entryway more natural light and a view of the outside. They also permit people to peek directly into your Miami home or they blind you when the sun is too brilliant if you don’t have a way to block them.

Because sidelights are so slender, they look best with customized plantation shutters. The defined lines of the shutters flatter skinny sidelights that are otherwise overcome by blind strings or billowing drapes. Their louvers give your entryway an interesting design feature and texture. You can choose from three sizes of louvers and several neutral colors to get the style you want. Choose from crisp white Polywood® shutters or the rich colors of premium wood Ovation® shutters to easily match or harmonize with the trim on your front door.

Circle shaped window in Miami 

Interior Shutters Fit Pretty Eyebrow And Circle Windows

“Eyebrow” windows are small arched windows over doors. You might also find circle windows above doors or on them. Both shapes give plenty of personality to the exterior of your Miami abode and its entryway but can be a pain if they face a direction that allows in a great amount of light.

You can cover these windows with blinds or a shade, but you’ll forfeit their beautiful forms. Instead, try plantation shutters. Interior shutters can be custom-made to work on any window shape--even awkward round ones. You can still operate them, too. Similar to square window covering simply use the tilt rod to adjust the louvers to redirect or block sunlight in your entryway.


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