What type of Window Treatments Offer the Most Privacy?

David White

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Your home is your sanctuary, and if you think like the majority of homeowners, getting window treatments in Miami that offer privacy and noise control to maintain your sanctuary is a concern. Any window covering is more effective than a bare window. However there are some window treatments that offer more privacy than others, especially on specialty windows.

Providing Privacy on Windows That Are Hard to Cover

All of the large, square windows you have are simple to cover with almost any window treatment including Miami shutters, shades, or blinds.

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But there might be some situations when you need a particular style of window treatment to achieve the level of privacy you need. These include:

  • Windows in the bathroom where water and humidity might damage fabric window treatments.

  • Sidelight windows that are tall and skinny on which window treatments can be jostled around by the door’s movement.

  • Non-square windows such as transoms, circles, bow windows, etc., where normal rectangular blinds and shades can’t cover your window without sacrificing the beauty of the window’s unique shape.

  • Large windows that are impossible to reach like second-story foyer windows.

In these instances, you need window treatments that go above and beyond to provide privacy to your house.

As a bonus, shop around for window treatments that offer good sound control to keep random noise outside and prevent neighbors from overhearing.

The Top Window Coverings for Privacy

The best window treatments for privacy that we recommend are Polywood® plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are able to fully close, for when total privacy and light control is what you want. When you want to let light in and see outside, just tilt the louvers. For high windows, you should keep the louvers tilted at an angle so light can enter but passersby can’t see in.

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Interior shutters are also perfect for non-rectangular windows because they can be customized to fit any shape or size. And since Polywood shutters are moisture resistant, they’re an excellent choice for bathrooms.

Another great window treatment for privacy is roller shades. Roller shades take up very little space above the window, but are easily pulled down to prevent outsiders from seeing into your home. Though they can’t be cut to fit unique window shapes, you can find roller shapes in moisture-resistant material for areas such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Window Treatments that Don’t Help With Privacy

While any window treatment offers a basic level of privacy, there are a few that aren’t as great as those we’ve mentioned. The first is sheer curtains. Sheer curtains were popular years ago and can add a a breezy feeling to a room. However they’re fairly translucent and can be seen through fairly easily, especially when it’s dark out.

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Another product we don’t recommend for privacy are aluminum or bulky blinds, which can break or get stuck at a certain angle. If you can’t totally shut the blinds due to breakage, then they’re not providing much privacy at all.

Want Window Treatments that Protect Your Privacy?

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